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December 2019

Everyone participates


As a teacher, specifically a teacher in a consumer market, each student is the consumer. If the student is not engaged (this does not necessarily always mean happy) and the parent does not perceive engagement, than the consumer will leave. This means that every student must participate. As a rule, when I am teaching, everyone [...]

Everyone participates2019-12-18T14:50:46-06:00

Importance of Lesson Planning


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! As an experienced teacher, I can teach classes without lesson planning or needing to write notes, but I never would. What is the value of Lesson planning? Why would I take the time to write a lesson for each class? It gives me the freedom to be creative when I [...]

Importance of Lesson Planning2019-12-18T14:49:40-06:00

How do you lesson plan?


Last blog I talked about why you should write a lesson plan, so I want to follow it up on writing a lesson plans. As a Music Education major, I still have vivid memories of writing my first lesson plan for my first education class. We had to write our lessons out word for word. [...]

How do you lesson plan?2019-12-18T14:48:17-06:00

Disguising Repetition Part 1: Competitions


I want write this topic as one post, but the more I write, the more I have to say. So, to help manage the length I will be dividing this topic into a series of smaller posts. _______________________________________________________________________________________ As a teacher I cannot do the same drills each class. This would lead my students to [...]

Disguising Repetition Part 1: Competitions2019-12-18T14:46:07-06:00

Disguising Repetition Part 2: Drill Variation


DRILL VARIATIONAnother way to disguise repetition is to focus on drill variety. The primary way I approach variation is through looking at the sparring applications of techniques.Take a simple partner back kick drill with a shield. The easiest format is for students to take turns kicking the shield/ target to work on the technique. A [...]

Disguising Repetition Part 2: Drill Variation2019-12-18T14:52:26-06:00

Mastery vs. New Material (Intrinsic Motivation)


There is a balance between teaching students new material and working on improving current forms/ techniques. I have trained and worked at schools that have made the mistake of swinging to much one direction or the other. When all you do is introduce new material, students will stay excited, but they will never be [...]

Mastery vs. New Material (Intrinsic Motivation)2019-12-18T14:52:52-06:00

Black Belt is a Journey, not a Destination


Last night I was teaching one of my competitive students, working on padachugi or slide back round kick. As I watched this student I noticed that while he normally transitions between the slide back and round kick very smoothly and with no extra steps in regular classes, last night during our drills in sparring class, [...]

Black Belt is a Journey, not a Destination2019-12-18T14:41:50-06:00

Life-Skills are the Point


In previous blogs I wrote about teaching methods, but in this blog I want to write about one of the most important aspects of our program, Life-Skill development. Any Taekwondo program is going to develop discipline, focus, etc. Beyond these intrinsic skills a martial arts program should layer intentional character development. Every month at Apex [...]

Life-Skills are the Point2019-12-18T14:40:32-06:00

Praise, Correct, Praise


As students perform, we as instructors make corrections and adjustments. The manner in which we make corrections is important. If we make corrections too harshly, then we end up discouraging our students, rather than truly helping them. An emotionally discouraged student will be less motivated to learn. Praise, correct, praise helps give corrections in a [...]

Praise, Correct, Praise2019-12-18T14:39:26-06:00

Learn, succeed and reset goals


As students learn, we help them set goals, achieve those goals and set new goals. This happens on multiple levels, from improving individual techniques to memorizing forms, and application. In the previous blog I talked about 'praise, correct, praise,' which is part of the goal setting process. This helps students set small goals. It is [...]

Learn, succeed and reset goals2019-12-18T14:37:12-06:00