Our Fundamentals Program for children aged 5 to 12 is where most of our students begin their training. Students learn practical self-defense and fitness, of course, but our program goes much further. We emphasize life skills like focus, confidence, and self-discipline to help students meet their full potential in all aspects of their life—to be cooperative and respectful at home, successful in school, and self-assured with their peers.

Each student begins his or her training with an individual lesson with an instructor to prepare for the first group class. We offer this personal introductory lesson regardless of a student’s prior martial arts experience. Even once students enter group classes, our low teacher-to-student ratio allows us to offer significant individualized instruction. We encourage training two times per week to maintain good habits and retain skills.

Fundamentals Program Features

  • Focus on Life Skills
  • Development of Good Habits
  • Parents’ Night Out
  • Birthday Parties