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“Master Stephen is amazing with my 3.5 year old. He has a perfect balance of structure and kindness, and goes out of his way to make classes both educational and fun. He offers parent’s nights out and parties for holidays and birthdays. I can’t recommend him enough.”
– Lauren Daniels

post2 “Stephen McEwan is one of the best TKD teachers I’ve met (I’ve been doing TKD with a variety of schools and instructors since 1989), with broad and extensive knowledge in all aspects. He is a fantastic instructor, and great with both young kids and older students, including adults. Highly motivated and dependable, able to inspire his students to strive for excellence.”
– Lauren Geddis

“With options from very young children to those of us still young at heart, Master Stephen meets his students where they are and helps them learn both life skills as well as Taekwondo. He cares about our well-being and encourages us to “do OUR best, not our neighbour’s best”. We take lessons here as a family and look forward to continuing on our journey.”
– Wayne Smith

“My 3.5 year old just started in the Grasshoppers program after showing an interest in martial arts and Master Stephen is excellent with him. My son is full of energy and Master Stephen is great at bringing back his focus and incorporating his interests into the lessons. After an intro and only two actual classes, I can already see my son’s focus improving and am excited about the positive things that will come from Taekwondo with someone who has the patience to work through the young child excitement!”
– Lisa Fox

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